emu3 Things About this blog:

1. We all want to be happy – the starting point

2. We are made to connect – the bottom line.

3. We tend to favour simple, practical solutions to the everyday challenges of life. Wherever possible this blog will endeavour to adhere to the Rule of Two.

  • There are two basic things which motivate us – our needs and our fears
  • Two ways that we use our power – control or influence
  • We either react or we respond to the world around us – proactive vs reactive
  • Our sense of personal worth is shaped by the process of validation or invalidation.
  • The pivot of every interaction is decided by what we say and what we do.

Metaphorically speaking we all have wings and we all have the potential to fly – to rise above our present state and to embrace that freedom and power to go where we have never been before. This blog explores the dynamics of ‘flight’ and considers the factors that stop us from realising our potential, while at the same time, provides a manual for personal flying.


Over the years I have been in a unique position to listen to the stories of thousands of people whose lives had been broken. Gradually a pattern emerged as they revealed the common factors that led to their collapse.  The process of identifying and defining those steps began to shape what followed. While we could never turn the clock back we could risk dismantling entrenched destructive habits and begin the process of rebuilding. If you ask people to let go of something that is hurting them,  you need to be able to replace it with something better. What we ended up with was a rebuilding plan of simple achievable steps and life-changing insights. These evolved into a sequence of themes which became the foundation of my facilitation groups. The Powerboard gives an overview of the broad themes as well as the topics covered by them. This is where this blog will be headed over the next few months. It is a well-tested sequence where participants in the groups identified the problems as well as the solutions. We actually have the answers within each of us. Sometimes all that is needed is a hand to help us make sense of it.

The 6 basic themes of this blog

  • Above all else we want to be happy. What does happiness really mean. Can it be achieved?
  • We want to be in control of our lives but often lack an understanding of power and how it is used or abused.
  • The most destructive force in our personal growth and relationships is the process of invalidation. Few recognise its sinister, silent work and are poorly equipped to confront it.
  • One of the most important things we need to define our identity and maintain our relationships is boundaries. Setting clear boundaries is one of the most difficult things to do.
  • Every day we are confronted with choices. How do we ensure that we consistently make the best choice?
  • We all want to loved and affirmed, appreciated and accepted but what is this elusive quality that makes all the difference? The power of love.



About the author:

I am a facilitator – a catalyst for focus and perspective. I am not a guru or a teacher but I do encourage others to become learners and lovers of wisdom. As you find answers from within and begin to own and trust your choices you will surely begin to assume control of your own life. I hope that I can contribute to the piecing together of  your personal jigsaw.

10959813_10153047408919210_904771377761333285_nMuch of my life has been spent in a pastoral role working with people who were caught out by life – homelessness, abuse, addiction, mental illness, unemployment, (the full gamut of the plight of the least powerful in society) – or in supporting my peers who were also employed in welfare. When my position was made redundant in 1998 life took on a completely different direction. I followed my creative bent  in photography, videography, writing, advertising copywriting, web design and musical composition.

My wife and best friend, Sally, and I work as as a freelance journalism team with a focus on food and travel. She is the wordsmith and I work with images, many of which illustrate the pages that follow. In seeing the world through the camera lens and I never cease to be in awe of the magnificence and beauty that surround us every day.  The amazing synchronicity of one door closing while another opened has taken me places and taught me lessons of life I would never have dreamed were possible.

I am a greatly blessed,



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